Write motivation letter for scholarhsip

How to Write University Motivation Letter for a Scholarships

To get a scholarhsip from a university, it requires the students to prepare and know about how to write a motivation letter for scholarships. It usually contains the reason why you choose this scholarship and why it has to be you.

Reasons to Get A Scholarhsip

There are many reasons that lead students get their scholarships. Among the most common reasons are:

  1. Financial Issue

One of the most common reasons that the students often present in their motivation letter for a scholarship is the financial issue. That makes them could not afford to study at the university.

  1. Family Emergencies and Responsibilities

Family responsibilities and emergencies often become the reason the students request for a scholarship. If it becomes a real obstacle for you, make sure that you have a strong reason behind your decision. The reason could be caring for a sick family member, etc.

  1. Upgrade Your Academic

You can tell that you really want to continue your study and achieve your goals with this scholarship, as a challenging way to upgrade your academic. It can be a great idea especially if you have gained high grades to earn admission into a higher quality university.

How to Write a University Motivation Letter for Scholarships

It is very important to address your motivation letter to the scholarship committee properly. Here are the things you need to know on how to write a motivation letter for scholarships.

  1. Introduction

A good motivation letter should contain a well-constructed introduction. In this part of the application letter, you have to introduce yourself properly. You also need to emphasize the reasons why you want to get this scholarship. Make sure that you also include a short account related to your current academic circumstances in the letter.

  1. State Your Academic Achievement

This is also important to state your academic achievement in the application letter. This could be your GPA and any honors or awards you have gained. As the supporting details, you can also include the extracurricular and activities you have joined in.

  1. Reasons You Need to Get A Scholarship

The application letter you write should also include a list of clear reasons why you need this scholarship. The reasons could be changes in your major, family emergencies, etc.

  1. Show Your Sincere Gratitude to Scholarship Committee

The letter should also show your sincerest gratitude to the recipient, in this case, is the Scholarship Committee. Just keep in mind to also include your current contact information too.