Study in Netherlands

Why choose to study in Netherland?

Netherland has developed into a truly international learning country. There are many reasons for it, Netherland offers international students with a multicultural environment which welcomes them with open arms, the location in the middle of Europe and education with the added value. The reputable of Netherland education system has received International praise for the use of a problem-based learning system – this is a system which encourages higher education students to analyze the complex problems and drawing conclusion through learning independent and group discussion. So there are many reasons why choose to study in the Netherlands for Indonesian.

English is well-known here

Currently, at least there are more 2100 choices of study programs in Netherland universities using English. So,  you do not need to learn Dutch specifically since there some of them are using English

Study destination for international students

There are around 112 thousand international students studying in Netherland – means that 1 in 10 students currently studying in Netherland. Just this year, there are at least more than 2500 Indonesian students studying in Netherland now.

World-class universities

Netherland has around 200 universities which are ranked in world-class universities according to QS University World Rankings. Even 13 of them are among the 50 best universities in the world.

Quality universities are guaranteed

Unlike Indonesia, Netherland only applies one accreditation system without ranking. It ensures that the quality of higher education in Netherland has the same high standards. Conversely, higher education that does not pass accreditation will not be permitted to accept students in order to guarantee the quality of education.

The best city for the millennial generation

Netherland was chosen as one of the best cities for millennials, according to Nestpick 2017. Not only is the Uber big start-up hometown, but this city is also considered having a good business system and best room for millennials develop their essence, creativity and life quality as well.

Home away from home

The historical ties between Indonesia and Netherland made Indonesians there who settled and decide to study there. It made the Netherland feel like far away destination but it feels like a home for Indonesian students who were studying in Netherland.

Netherland education system was designed to welcome the combination of diverse and interesting nations. Around 1560 international courses offered here were taught in English, so international students who get good English skills can find a wide range of courses available for them. choose the best study in Netherland for Indonesian.