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How to Use an Official Rolex Watch Winder

Have you ever wondered how an official rolex watch winder works? If you are not familiar with a watch winder, you might not have any idea about the way to use the watch winder. You need to know how to use the watch winder correctly.

Place Your Watch

First of all, you need to place your watch in the watch winder. When should you put your automatic watch in the watch winder? You can do it when you do not want to wear it. Of course, the watch winder will be more than just a winder because it can be a great place to store and display your precious watches.

Set the Watch Winder

After the watch is placed correctly and securely in the watch winder, the next thing you have to do is to control the winder according to the specific requirement of your watch. If you buy an official rolex watch winder, you will be able to make an adjustment to the winder setting so it can meet the needs of the watch. Every automatic watch has a different requirement, after all.

In this circumstance, you need to study carefully the instructions not only for the watch winder but also for your automatic watch. Some people do not have any idea about the specific requirement of their automatic watch. With this understanding, you can adjust the TPD, winding direction, operation length, and so on according to your watch requirement.

Switch on the Watch Winder

Your watch winder needs AC power or batteries to operate. That is why after adjusting the setting of the watch winder accordingly, you must not forget to switch it on to start the operation. It can be done simply by pressing the button. You can also plug your watch winder into a power source to turn it on.

Start the Movement

Once the winder is turned on, it will start to move. The movement of the watch winder will mimic the human wrist movement or motion. It is the main function of the watch winder, after all.

The rotation will go on and on according to the specific setting of TPD. The TPD setting can be different from one another watch winder. Nevertheless, most of them will rotate for about 30-60 seconds before they will pause. Yes, it will not rotate forever. Anytime you want to wear your timepiece, you only need to take it out from the official rolex watch winder.